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    Texts predating the bible

    "In spite of the monotheistic endeavors of the compilers and editors of the book of Genesis, struggling to proclaim faith in a sole deity in a world that in those days believed in many gods, there remain numerous slip-ups where the biblical narrative speaks of gods in the plural.

    The very term for 'deity,' [when the Lord is not specifically named as Yaweh], is not the singular El but the plural Elohim.

    The Hebrew scribes, in a cheap bid to grant a piece of land to the Israelites, and by default or design, had stripped the mythology of ancient Sumer and the theology of Egypt of its mysticism, universalism and wisdom.

    The Talmudic/tribal influence of Judaism on later religions (Christianity and Islam) weighed heavily on world religious evolution and thinking.

    All of this was stolen and corrupted into a fictitious history of the Jews, which has nothing whatsoever to do with spirituality. The four letters together made the sacred Tetragrammaton, YHWH, the secret name of God..." We can also see where the antagonistic story of Zeus [Jove] and Prometheus was used to promote the concept of a rebellious God who was condemned and ostracized for bringing knowledge to humanity." Humanity's original religion was polytheistic [having many different Gods].

    The Jewish Talmud instructs the Jewish people to destroy Gentiles and enslave them, as "YHVH" in reality is the Jewish people. If a heathen [Gentile] hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. The fictitious Jewish "God" "Yaweh/Jehova's" name was inserted, replacing the names of many Gentile/Pagan Gods. The name "Jehova" was stolen from the Roman God "Jove" for one. In the original Hebrew Bible, the word "Elohim" is used.

    Most Christians and many others believe the Judeo/Christian Bible to be the word of "God." In truth, nearly everything within the Bible was stolen and corrupted from Pagan religions that predated Judeo/Christianity from hundreds to thousands of years, from all around the world, and in particular, the Far East.

    If the Bible borrowed from ancient mythologies, this claim would be called into question.The Hebrew written "Five Books of Moses" also known as the "Pentateuch", along with the "Torah" were STOLEN and CORRUPTED from the Egyptian "TAROT." Note- "Torah" is an anagram of "Tarot." The most noted example of the Tarot is the 78 card pack sold in many stores now-a-days and used for fortune telling.The Tarot consists of five suits [where the five was stolen and corrupted from]: the wands/rods of fire, the swords of air, the cups of water, the pentacles of earth, and the trump of quintessence/ether.When faced with the question as to whether the Bible accurately records ancient history in Genesis 1–11 or was derived from some other “ancient” document, we first need to apply a solemn reminder.God’s Word has made the ultimate and justifiable claim for itself that none of these other ancient texts has made.

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